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The first step in trimming a hedge is to make sure it is angled correctly. Generally, a hedge should be angled from the lowest point to the highest point. You can do this by measuring from the nearest shrub. Once you have measured the angle, tie a long string to the hedge stake. Attach the string to the hedge stake near the lowest branch of the shrub. You can adjust the string's angle if you are working on sloped ground.
Pruning your hedge during wetter months can cause damage to your hedge. This is because pruning during wetter months will prevent the branches from drying out and may cause fungus and invasive species to invade your hedge. The best time to prune a hedge is when it is in good health, as healthy plants are resistant to fungi and other pests. If you do decide to prune your hedge, make sure to avoid removing the branches as this may cause the plants to not receive enough energy from the sun, leaving them vulnerable to infection.
Choosing the right tool for your hedge cutting job can be difficult. If you are trimming a mature hedge, you may want to invest in simple hand tools such as hedge shears. These tools look like oversized scissors with long handles. On the other hand, power or battery-operated hedge trimmers resemble a mini chainsaw. If you want to cut a hedge quickly, a gas-powered hedge trimmer might be the best choice for you.

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